Frozen food is no longer cold. In the Garbo world regional breaded and battered specialities conquer the market of ‘hot’ products, with the ability to surprise and satisfy high quality fried food fans. The amount of products on the frozen food market  that gives value to the ‘cycle of cold’ is widespread, their main source of pride is the possibility to eat seasonal products ‘out of season’, whilst keeping their quality intact. For Garbo, this is also one of their positive aspects but their main mission is to win the hearts of the public who love excellence and above all goodness. Goodness in the raw materials, in the production cycle, in the protection of the environment, in the respect of taste and tradition. And goodness for everyone: Garbo’s assorted Gluten Free line in fact satisfies the most demanding palates and an ever wider audience. A good-hearted warmth, ready to fly, perfect for the stock in the freezer, free of waste. Garbo products are good all year round and are truly Good, in the ‘highest’ sense of the term, so much so that they can be represented, ironically, by an angel, the angel who protects goodness and fried food!

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Ho.Re.Ca., Garbo dedicates the Catering Line

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